Hey dear ones, just a quick post to say that I’ve got rid of my mailing list. I was only sending mailouts sporadically, and it was an awkward mishmash of my poetry audiences and podcast listeners. Added to that, the open rate had dropped from around 60% to about 10% – so it was the … Read more

Hey dear friends – apologies for the little hiatus. I’ve had a metric bumload of work to do (mostly creative and fun) plus a heavy cold that took me out of action for two weeks. November ended with a memorable run of gigs, including a lovely Bristol Old Vic show with Luke Kennard, Francesca Beard … Read more

So for those of you who missed it (probably deliberately), on Friday I did my yearly 100 Poems In A Day challenge. You can read the poems I wrote here. I actually think this is the pantsest crop of poems I’ve written in all five years. Which is fine. I mean, the bar was set … Read more

Hallo friend. I been at a stag do all weekend, off in the Hope Valley. I haven’t been in that part of the country since a creative writing holiday about 10 years ago and it’s beautiful, particularly in this part of autumn, when the dying leaves are a crazy range of colours, from yellow through … Read more

What’s cracking peepsters? You might as well know straight off the bat that I have no gigs scheduled this week. I’m bedding down for five days o’ writing before heading off to my good mate’s stag do this weekend. This will be my first stag as a teetotaller. Not that it makes much difference – … Read more

Hey dear friends. It’s me, your pal ‘Tim Clare’, driving his pick into the blogosphere coalface in celebration of another week’s beginning. When you’re off on tour, life is rich with incident. You see new places, you make new friends, you get into scrapes. You experience soaring triumphs, borne aloft by strangers, and cold, dizzying … Read more

Brrr! A storm is howling down the street outside but I’m tucked up in bed with the internet, contemplating toddling downstairs to make a coffee. Life’s tough in the decadent west. I’ve been spending the last week working on edits for my novel. If it seems like I’ve been working on it for ages now, … Read more

I’m back from my two week pilgrimage around poets’ graves with Mark Grist and MC Mixy. It feels weird to write that – I guess it really is over! It’ll take me a while to unpack the whole experience, so I can say something less trite than ‘wow… weird’. We kept an intermittent blog of … Read more

This week, I have gigs in London, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg. On Wednesday, 8pm, it’s Homework, at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. It’s our true stories night. £5 on the door. Get there early for a seat. On Friday, I’ll be doing poems in Valby, Copenhagen. On Saturday, I’m in Aarhus. On Sunday, I’m in … Read more

Hello everyone. I’ve just installed Google Analytics so I now know that this, News Monday, is read by almost nobody. So I’m free to say whatever I want. Bleugh! Aren’t the ravages of war brilliant? Rod Stewart is my favourite singer-songwriter. Okay, I’ve acclimatised to my newfound giddy freedom. The blog has been running on … Read more

Hey kid, how’s it going? *gun and wink* I drove for a total of 9 hours on Saturday. I’ve only just passed my test, so this was big news, you guys. The results are in: Passenger Deaths: 0/4 Sugar-Mallow Pigs Consumed: 11/30 Current DriverRank™: Jr Trolley-Pusha When I level-up I’m pumping all my stat increases … Read more

Pip pip! It’s Monday, and that can be semantically-parsed in only one manner – it’s time for another filler-post in the form of News Monday! I took part in the RAP Party at the Southbank on Saturday night. Oh my stars it was good. Obviously it was a lovely, slightly guilty pleasure for me to … Read more

Ola dear reader. I’ve just returned from a week in Tarragona, swimming, working on my tan (result: patchy, confusing outbreaks of melanin across arms, calves, nose) and eating too much tapas. Seriously. One night we over-ordered accidentally and the concomittant queso-coma nearly did for me. We also saw lots of lovely Spanish dogs, who, I’m … Read more

Oi oi chums. It is indeed Monday, and that means I have a self-appointed duty to serve you up a great gobbet o’ news relating to the sentient meatbot you probably know via his Earth-designated appelation ‘Tim Clare’. What the deuce could he be getting up to this week? What scrapes might he find himself … Read more

Hello friend. Hope you had a lovely weekend and were able to take advantage of this heatwave lashing Great Britain. I went swimming in the sea. It was initially perishing then lovely. I rather enjoy that moment where you take the plunge, and it’s so cold you think: oh God, what have I done? Then … Read more

Salutations, Monday friends, and welcome to another instalment of Monday News – all the news that’s fit to print relating directly to the movements of Tim Clare in the upcoming week. The post’s a little late up today because I’ve been travelling back from Ledbury Poetry Festival. Oh my stars, what a time I had. … Read more

Wowee. I’m back from Glasto and I’m snotting for Britain. My hayfever is the worst it’s been for years. Goodness me. Before I go any further, can I encourage you to sign up to my monthly newsletter? It’s a great way of letting me keep in touch with you, and I send out free shit … Read more

Merry Mondaymas, dear fastidious reader of this, the traditionally-least-entertaining-yet-most-informative of my weekly blogs. Have I got news? You bet your sweet bippy I do. This weekend I celebrated my 1st wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been a year! I wrote my wife a soppy poem about everything we’ve done in our first year as … Read more

Merry Mondaymas dear friends. Hope you’re well, finding pockets of joy in the diminishing hellmaze that is human existence. I finished working on my novel last week, so I’m in that confused, shellshocked state of the recent retiree – sort of happy, but unsure of his place in the world, staggering about, secretly terrified of … Read more

Merry Mondaymas to you, dear reader, and welcome to the least popular of all my weekly posts, News Monday. Maybe I should get some decent frickin’ news-worthy events going on in my life, eh? I have no gigs, anywhere, on this week. Boo. But I do have some news! Last week we finally announced the … Read more

Happy Monday, everyone! Yes, it’s that time of the week already, where I expound in dry, factual form upon my plans for the forthcoming seven days. Strap in, it’s going to be informative. I have no gigs this week. I know. But I’m working really hard. It’s just all under-the-bonnet stuff. The latest draft of … Read more

Hello dear friend – isn’t it a nice day? I went swimming in the sea at Eastbourne today. Which is to say, I tiptoed towards freezing, mazy tendrils of spume, terrified of receiving a toxic weever fish dorsal spine to the heel, dived into the waves, screamed, and ran back out again. But it was … Read more

This week I’ve got gigs in Norwich and Glynde. On Wednesday 22nd I’m doing a set at the Birdcage in Norwich. There’s a slam on which you can sign up to. Starts at 8:30pm. On Sunday 26th I’m doing Meadowlands festival in Glynde. I’ll be on some time between 4pm and 6pm. See you there … Read more

Oh my gosh – the last of the blossom is fluttering from the trees and festival season is nearly upon us. This is what it means to get older – the weeks whooshing by in a flurry of seasonal descriptors, faces and locations riffling past like a card deck. I hope you’ve been able to … Read more

This week I’ve got three gigs: Hammer & Tongue @ The Victoria, Hackney on Tuesday 7th May (7:30 doors) Hammer & Tongue @ The Fountain, Cambridge on Wednesday 8th May (7:30 doors) UEA Creative Writing Society Showcase @ Olives, Norwich on Thursday 9th May (7:30 doors) Be lovely to see you at any of them. … Read more