Oops! I've been too lazy to update my events. Guess you'll have to use Google.


  1. heather says:

    Saw you at Union Chapel. Loved Mr Silly Bum! You made me cry with laughter. Will you be posting the song online? I’d like to share it with friends.

  2. David McGinn says:

    Any London dates for the show?

  3. Tim Clare says:

    Already done one in Richmond, will post them up on the site as and when others appear!

  4. Sarah J says:

    Hi heard you’re playing at the three and ten in Brighton for the fringe festival – any chance of putting the dates up on here!
    Lookin good btw, positively scorchin….

    Sarah J

  5. Daryl Smith says:


    I would love to be able to interview Tim Clare on the phone.

    I am the head of speech programming on the Canterbury student radio station CSRfm, I host a show in which I interview comedians, writers and poets, the show is called “The Speech Show” on Sundays 9-10pm.

    So far I have interviewed Ross Noble, Dom Joly, Imran Yusuf, Jimmy Mcghie, Mr Gee, Luke Wright, Oliver Double and a few other popular performers. you can listen to some of the interviews here: http://soundcloud.com/thatdarylsmith

    I would love to be able to do a phone interview with Rob Rouse either during the show live or by doing a pre-record some time when the CSRfm studio is free.

    Please do consider the interview,
    Thank you for your time

    Daryl Smith

  6. Doug says:

    Hey Tim, saw you at band said the gun the other week and was the smiley guy watching you creepily in the poetry tent at Glasto, just wanted to say that I thought you were really, really good, I couldn’t stop laughing, and you shouldn’t knock the willy wonka rap, thought it was quality!


  7. Betty says:

    your show ‘how to be a leader’ was fantastic, I have no idea how it didn’t receive straight five star reviews …genuinely baffled.

    hope to see you next year.

  8. Richard Harris says:

    Any idea when tickets for Bristol will go on sale?

  9. Tim Clare says:

    Probably in a month or so. I think as long as you book the month before you should be all right. I usually do good numbers for Bristol, since it’s a home gig, but I’m sure you’ll have no trouble getting tickets.

  10. Amy Wragg says:

    Hey Tim, Any you swinging by Ipswich at all? Would love to see you here as would many others I know! Hope you’re well xxx

  11. Helen Jane says:

    Yes please do Ipswich!! Norwich is too far away and we would love to see you at Latitude but sadly can’t afford it, the ticket prices are crazy. Luke Wright did a great gig at The Townhouse last week, please come here and give us another good night out xx

  12. Mike says:

    Hi, where can I see, hear or get a hold of the rap Tim did on Friday at latitude – the one about the therapist and insecure patient? One of the cleverest bits of comic poetry I’ve ever heard!

  13. J Lester says:

    Hi Tim
    Just wondered whether you took any school bookings at all?

  14. B Duffy says:

    Saw you at Blahblahblah in Bristol and absolutley loved your stuff especially Noahs ark and grill and Portishead extremely witty and fantastic! well done

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