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I’m the author of THE HONOURS, THE ICE HOUSE, and WE CAN’T ALL BE ASTRONAUTS (winner Best Biography/Memoir – 2009 East Anglian Book Awards).

I present the creative writing podcast DEATH OF 1000 CUTS for anyone who wants to know how to write a novel, write great fiction, and get published. My Couch to 80k Writing Boot Camp and 100 Day Writing Challenge are free writing courses by podcast.

I’m a stand-up poet with several award-winning 5 star shows under my belt.

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My Books

Fantasy Thrillers. Memoir. Poetry.
You know... the usual.

‘Gorgeously gripping’ – The Guardian;
‘A tour de force of breathless thrills’ – The Herald

In The Honours, thirteen-year-old Delphine Venner explores the sprawling and mysterious Norfolk estate of Alderberen Hall. It’s 1935, and with war looming in Great Britain, Delphine must find the soldier within herself in time to battle a secret society and deadly forces amassing in the woods… A dark, glittering and dangerously unputdownable novel which invites you to enter a thrilling and fantastical world unlike any other.

The Ice House continues Delphine’s story several decades later. It’s got an old lady pulled out of retirement for one last job, a 400-year-old forensic pathologist field medic battle nun looking to bring down an empire, psychedelics, dungeon crawls, jungle adventures, a locked-room murder mystery, intrigue, romance, minotaurs, a secret testing facility, giant sentient beetles, immortal mutant aristocrats, knife fights, an angel, larceny and ancient menaces rising from the depths.

We Can't All Be Astronauts by Tim Clare - Book Cover
We Can't All Be Astronauts by Tim Clare

WINNER OF BEST BIOGRAPHY/MEMOIR – 2009 EAST ANGLIAN BOOK AWARDS. I had always dreamed of greatness. Of writing a critically-acclaimed bestseller and quitting the rat-race of everyday life. The problem was that my friends had got there first and I was… well… nowhere. Seething with envy, single and still living with my parents, I decided to have one last shot at getting my masterpiece published. After all, things couldn’t get any worse. Could they?

Pub Stuntman by Tim Clare - Book Cover
Pub Stuntman by Tim Clare

My debut poetry collection mixes the surreal with the satirical. Pub Stuntman takes in celebrity zombies, dandified identity fraudsters and a gaggle of middle class girls (“so much richer than dustmen, yet poorer than earls”).

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Death Of 1000 Cuts Podcast

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Death Of 1000 Cuts is a podcast for fiction writers, full of motivational rants, writing exercises, interviews with authors, and detailed critiques of first pages submitted by you, the listeners. Everything you need to write more and better, and love it.

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