If you want to read my poems, you should click here to buy my debut collection, Pub Stuntman. It contains my very best poems, none of which is available on this site. You can also download my spoken word album, Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes, from iTunes. I used to post a Poem O’ The Week every Wednesday on my blog.

Each year, towards the end of November, I write 100 poems in a day, and those poems are available below, along with some old ones. Be warned, the old ones mostly suck – but I include them here out of apathy, a sense of completeness and questionable nostalgia.

100 Poems In A Day 2009

101 Poems In A Day 2010

101 Poems In A Day 2011

100 Poems In A Day 2012

100 Poems In A Day 2013

Cameo Hundesser, Style Consultant To The Wicked

Cancer And Divorces

Death In The After Hours


Little Gods

Manic Pixie Dream Girl

Mrs Fuck

One Day, It Will Be Ackroyd



The Impossible Deathbed Lament Of Scrooge McDuck

The Kind Of Flat

The Wall

This Is The Story We’ll Tell Our Grandchildren

Who’s John?