Hey dear ones, just a quick post to say that I’ve got rid of my mailing list. I was only sending mailouts sporadically, and it was an awkward mishmash of my poetry audiences and podcast listeners. Added to that, the open rate had dropped from around 60% to about 10% – so it was the cyber equivalent of yelling times and dates into a well. As much as digital marketers insist that the only reliable way to reach people is via a mailing list, in future I’m going to do via this blog, my Facebook author page and my Twitter @timclarepoet (click the link on the right to follow me). Of course companies like Facebook and Twitter may choose in future to make it harder to reach out to folks without paying, and some of you aren’t on either platform. But we will find a way to reach one another, I feel certain of it. Also, my podcast, Death Of 1000 Cuts, often acts as a kind of audio diary and I’ll chuck in any major news there.

That’s it. Take care. I’m really excited about sharing Monday’s podcast – it’s a bit of a new area for us, but I want to expose you to new ideas, new ways of working, to see if we can’t create interesting explosions in the laboratory of your brain. I really think you’re going to learn some cool stuff.