This week I’ve got three gigs:

Hammer & Tongue @ The Victoria, Hackney on Tuesday 7th May (7:30 doors)

Hammer & Tongue @ The Fountain, Cambridge on Wednesday 8th May (7:30 doors)

UEA Creative Writing Society Showcase @ Olives, Norwich on Thursday 9th May (7:30 doors)

Be lovely to see you at any of them. I’ll be selling copies of my book, Pub Stuntman, and my new album, Jesus Buys Me Cigarettes. I’m really proud of the album, you guys. I know you probably don’t listen to (m)any spoken word albums, but it’s more than that. There are some ukulele songs on there, including ‘The Girl From Donkey Kong’ and ‘Nice And Gentle Jesus’, and there are some poems that we decided not to include in the book – proper performance pieces. The last track, ‘Very Short Poem’, is a mini-show in itself: a good 25 minutes of thundering through all sorts of topics, from the covered-up assassination of Michael Jackson, to the survival of three shipwrecked soldiers, taking in whales, Shane Ritchie and the films of Martin Short along the way. Live, I’ve only ever performed the whole thing once. So the album is like an exclusive show all in itself – perfect for listening to in the car or sticking on the iPod for a long train journey.

If you’re not going to see me at any of the gigs above, why not buy my book and album direct from my publisher? You can purchase the pair at a discount and you’ll be supporting my work as well as helping out a brilliant publisher of live poetry.

Also don’t forget that every Tuesday you can listen to me and the prodigiously-talented (but not easily impressed) John Osborne on Future Radio, from 9:30am-midday. If you don’t live in Norwich you can listen online here. Tuesday mornings are not exactly known for their eventfulness, so if you’re near the internet and fancy hearing some great music with a bit of chat in-between, give us a listen and join in. You can hear podcasts of previous episodes here.

Right. That was the Tim Clare News for this week. Stay tuned for video games on Tuesdays, poetry on Wednesdays, creative writing on Thursdays, and opinion pieces on Fridays. Enjoy your bank holiday!

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