Hey dear friends. It’s me, your pal ‘Tim Clare’, driving his pick into the blogosphere coalface in celebration of another week’s beginning.

When you’re off on tour, life is rich with incident. You see new places, you make new friends, you get into scrapes. You experience soaring triumphs, borne aloft by strangers, and cold, dizzying defeats, trampled down by the indifference of the same. You miss your loved ones and reflect on their importance in your life. You make plans.

When you’re writing a novel, your life is dull. As. Shit. Your victories are like hearing a song in a dream – the moment you try to explain to someone who wasn’t there, they jink out of reach, becoming silly and insubstantial. You wake up each morning, and throw yourself into 8, 10 hours of work, where you genuinely don’t know how you’re going to solve the problems facing you, where failure on today’s task means failure for the entire project. When someone asks what you’ve been up to, you shrug and say, ‘Not much, really. Writing.’

What I’m saying is that, for the next 7 days, I will be sitting in a room – the same room, in point of fact – and writing. Some of that will be admin. Some of that will be blogging. Some of it will be my thrice-accursed actually-I’m-quite-enjoying-working-on-it-at-the-moment-thank-you novel.

After two big London events last week, I have no gigs this week, but, if you insist on hearing me live nonetheless, don’t forget you can listen live online to my radio show 9:30am-midday every Tuesday on Future Radio, or, if you live in the Norwich area you can listen on 107.8FM. I play some great music and debate the great problems of the day with you, my fickle fly-by-night listeners.

That is it for now. Don’t forget to check out this blog for new posts Monday-Friday every week: video games on Tuesdays, poetry on Wednesdays, creative writing advice Thursdays, opinion pieces Fridays. Something to alienate all tastes.