So, We Can’t All Be Astronauts got reviewed on a blog called Geek Pie – and it sounds like they liked it.

They call it a ‘brutally honest, hilarious and engaging memoir’, and describe it as ‘the best possible tool for any budding writer or someone wanting an insight into the creative process’. Um, I’m not sure that I’d go that far, but thanks! I’m really flattered and I’m glad that they felt they got something useful out of it. My favourite books are ones that help me to see some part of my life, large or small, in a new way, so I hope that Astronauts manages to do that for readers too.

Anyway, I’m just chuffed to get such a positive review – it even managed to make calling me ‘self-obsessed, precious and arrogant’ sound like a ringing endorsement! If you’d like a copy of We Can’t All Be Astronauts of your very own, or if you know any aspiring writers who might enjoy laughing at misfortune, seething jealousy and self-aggrandisement, you can always pre-order a copy here. The release date is Thursday 4th June. The Norwich launch is on Friday 5th June, and the London launch is on Monday the 8th. Come along!

2 thoughts on “We Can’t All Be Astronauts – Review”

  1. Ha!

    Really did enjoy man… And there I was about to email Luke for a contact email address for you so I could sort out an interview when this popped into my Google Reader. Thanks for blogging about my blogging about your work… sounds like it could cause a temporal anomaly in the space time continuum.

    Geek Pie Guy

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