We Can’t All Be Astronauts Launch Pics

These are some pics from the launch of We Can’t All Be Astronauts. Joe Dunthorne, Ross Sutherland, Steve Aylett and Salena Godden all did some terrific readings, and a good time was had by all. Pics courtesy of Dan ‘Scoopmeister’ Derrett.

Manchester, Friday Apr 3rd

This is me upstairs at Mother Mac’s, the pub hosting the second of the two stand-up open mics I performed at on Friday. And this is the heaving throng dutifully watching me as I took the previous shot. Look at them grinning. Their low entertainment threshold shall be the ruin of us all. If you … Read more

The Start Of Open Season

Score: 0 out of 250Photographer Status: Helen KellerJob Classes –Lv25 Performance PoetLv1 Stand-upLv1 Music So, I started off on Thursday 2nd April in my current hometown of Cambridge, at Upbeat Open Mic at The Hopbine. Up until a fortnight before, it had been held in The Zebra, but when the landlady decided she could draw … Read more

Press Shots

Who’s this ludicrous pillock? I hear you bleat. Well, c’est moi. I know. Reason insists I chose my wardrobe while distracted by hideous grief. What can I say? I’m a maverick. Pics by Katie Utting: kattie_utting@yahoo.com Preparations for the Open Mic campaign continue at considerable pace. Get in touch if you’ve got any open mic … Read more