So my first ever poetry collection is available for pre-order now! It’s called Pub Stuntman and it contains the very best of my work, with pieces from when I started, ooh, a good seven years ago now, right up to brand spanking new poems never before performed. It’s being published by Nasty Little Press, who are doing an amazing job of doing exactly what a brilliant small press should – flowing in between the cracks left by big publishers to fulfil a genuine need, providing old-fashioned, robust editorial feedback, and putting out high quality titles by some of the biggest and best names in UK performance poetry. I’m really proud to be published by them, and you can show your support to them and me by clicking on the link and pre-ordering a copy today. It’s got over 60 pages of poems, with a full-colour cover illustration by Sam Ratcliffe. Here’s what Tim Key says about it:

‘Searingly unpretentious and grin-inducingly well-expressed, Clare’s wisdom tears the modern world a new one. Just brilliant.’

Which is kind of him. Lovely chap.

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  1. Tim, I love this collection. It’s funny and clever and when I read it on the train home from London last night, after the HoMeWoRk gig in Bethnal Green, it made me laugh so much I snorted. More of this sort of thing!

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