Noble brothers and sisters, as you may be aware, I and John Osborne do a radio show every Tuesday, 12-3pm, on Future Radio. It goes out across Norwich and you can listen live, online, on the Future Radio website (which is here).

We also take some of the talky bits and put them in a podcast. It’s not quite as good as the show, because we lose all the great music (Future Radio have the best playlist of any radio station I know) but on the other hand, some of the ums are cut out. And you can listen whenever you want. We have some cool episodes, including an interview with the author and broadcaster Jon Ronson that is great, because he is interesting and great, and an interview with teacher/battle rapper Mark Grist, and a guest episode with Molly Naylor, sometimes I do raps about niche magazines like Tree News.

You can find all the podcasts here. Listen to them online or download them as mp3s. It’s all free.

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  1. Hi Tim! I met you last night at the Norwich Arts centre. I just wanted to let you know again that I really enjoyed and am now watching a few other videos of yours. Keep up the awesome work and I hope to see you again soon!

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