The final show of this season of Homework (our literary cabaret club at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club) is coming up; it’s called Aisle16 Go Viral, and it’s our big finale. 5 of us are trying to get to the bottom of what makes a youtube video spread across the world by attempting to create viral videos ourselves. They’re all up online now – whoever gets the most views by the end of 30 days wins. Wins what? The right to lord it over his peers.

My attack vector is well-known to virologists – attach and mutate. I’ve cynically melded the most successful viral video of all time, Psy’s Gangnam Style, with the current protest against the unscientific and cruel UK badger cull, in my mash-up Chris Packham Style. I feel I should add that I think Chris Packham is a really cool, intelligent chap who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. I hope my rapping in the first person ‘as’ him is taken for the affection that it is. Anyway, here’s the vid:


Please watch it and, if you like it and want me to win, go be my little plague-bearers and disseminate it across the internet. Posting on popular website forums is a particularly effective tactic!

Here is the e-petition for stopping the badger cull.

Here is a link where you can download the mp3 of the track.

Oh, and should you want to watch the other chaps’ videos (let’s face it, they need all the support they can get), here they are: