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Tiny Art Director

(via Metafilter)My favourite website, the community blog Metafilter, has yet again led me to something great online that really cheered me up. Tiny Art Director is a blog where Bill Zeman’s little daughter requests pictures, which he then draws for her. Each picture is accompanied by a description of the brief, and the Tiny Art […]

Q. E. friggin’ D.

So, some of you may have read the post I wrote last week, called ‘Why Gaming Matters’. In it, I complained that child literacy promoters too often present their task in terms of luring children away from video games, into the rich cultural world of books. I argued that video games have had just as […]

Why Gaming Matters

BBC4 are starting a new season called Why Reading Matters. Reading and literacy are Good Things, I think we all agree. But it was a line in the Radio Times, previewing the season’s launch programme, where ‘Children’s Poet Laureate’ Michael Rosen ‘does for literacy what Jamie Oliver did for school meals’, that thumped one of […]