(via Metafilter)
My favourite website, the community blog Metafilter, has yet again led me to something great online that really cheered me up. Tiny Art Director is a blog where Bill Zeman’s little daughter requests pictures, which he then draws for her. Each picture is accompanied by a description of the brief, and the Tiny Art Director’s response. She nearly always hates them. Here, for instance, is her reaction to the commission the picture of crocodiles:

The Brief: Crocodiles
Preliminary Sketch (no longer extant): Upon seeing the preliminary sketch, the art director, in a rather unprofessional outburst, collapsed on the floor sobbing and screaming.
The Critique: The back is so so so bad I don’t even want to look at it! You always do that to the crocodile’s back!
Job Status: Rejected and Destroyed

The Tiny Art Director has some favoured themes – dinosaurs feature heavily – but her true talent as a visionary is made manifest in what I believe to be the high watermark of all Western culture: the Poo-Poo Airplane.

Her commissions have been collected into a book, which is available via the blog – perfect for the discerning aesthete’s coffee table or nursery.