I wonder how this chap would feel if he knew that, within the latest versions of Pokémon, they have their own church you can visit, laid out like a conventional Christian church, where people worship the Earth and Pokémon. No joke. Plus there are Ghost Pokémon who are literally the resurrected ghosts of dead Pokémon, now under your control. Anyway, I have 434 different Pokémon in my Pokédex now, so I’m probably beyond saving. Here’s a little snippet from our scratch performance of Infinite Lives, with me ranting, despot-style, about Pokémon:


2 thoughts on “Pokémon Is A Tool Of Satan”

  1. Tim, I noticed for the first time upon watching this video that many of your mannerisms when performing poetry are uncannily similar to those adopted by Osama Bin Laden in his popular video performances. The raised finger and tilted head in particular (here seen at just past the two-minute mark). Make of this what you will.

  2. I watched some of it with the sound off once, while I was grabbing the embedding HTML, and picked up some disturbing echoes of Goebbels. I realise that the price of peace is eternal vigilance, and you'd rather incorrectly accuse a friend of having nascent despotic tendencies than find yourself, years later, watching the wheels of my brutal regime crush Western civilisation, bitterly saying 'First he came for the Pokémon, but I said nothing, because I was not a Pokémon.' However, I think there's a more mundane excuse – most 'men being cross in public' look pretty much identical with the sound off, whether they're an evil Nazi propagandist goading the German people into Total War, or a market trader who has had all his stock tipped into a marina yelling at a frogman who is later revealed to be Jeremy Beadle.

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