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Right. Here’s today’s poem.

Five Pigs

Five strangely garrulous pigs arrive at my doorstep, expectant.
Their septa twitch at the sight of my wedding ring; questions
in ubber-dubber, Esperanto, Spanglish
gruzzle from smooth hard lips:
how does acupuncture work
is the world ending
what is the illuminati
They are the dead grey of brains; they drink my Wi-Fi in rills,
black lashes wafting the noonlight.

Five months pass and my backyard is giddy with shoats.
Clouds like sausage skins scud across a cochineal wash
while trotters mash the toffeed earth. My old armoire
serves as hollowed trough; five farrows scoff down beech nuts,
acorns, kitchen slops, a SIM card, hard drives;
slumgullion dangles from their loaded chops.

The five pigs are slow now, glutted on technology.
Sometimes I catch one, slumped against the fence, downloading,
a frock of mud coating its guts. The questions have all but stopped.
Knowledge is power
moons the sow, hopelessly,
to a clutch of chitterlings broiling in a wok,
her words drying to a crust.

1 thought on “Poem O’ The Week: Five Pigs”

  1. I really enjoyed this. I particularly like the way you’ve messed with some of the words to make them do what you want them to do; it has a bit of a Merseypoets feel. Good idea to have a poem of the week, too. Nice one, Tim!

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