So, as you probably already know, my new show is called How To Be A Leader and I’m taking it up to the Edinburgh Fringe to slug it out in the gladiator arena-cum-playpen that is this year’s Comedy Festival. It’s basically a comic lecture that has (I hope) some bits that are funny, and some bits that are interesting. Sometimes those bits are the same bits! I’ve done two preview performances and already had two reviews, which is pretty brutally early for a piece of work to get put under the microscope. The first one is here, from when I performed at Cambridge Junction, and it calls HTBAL ‘a mix of stand-up comedy, monologue and sudden shouting’, which is accurate, while saying it’s ‘offbeat and hilarious’. The second one is from my show at the Brighton Fringe, and it’s here. It calls the show ‘one of the best Fringe shows I’ve seen in ages’ and gives it 5 stars.

If you would like to judge for yourself before I take it to Edinburgh, you have a few chances! Here are my preview dates – you can also check out my touring schedule on my ‘Gigs’ tab, although I’m a bit lazy (festival appearances and Poetry Takeaway visits aren’t up there, for example) so don’t feel sorry for me, it’s less sparse than it appears:

Friday (tomorrow!) 27th May, 6:30pm – New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich

Sunday 29th May, 7pm – Three & Ten, Brighton

Tuesday 14th June, 8pm – Rosemary Branch Theatre, London

Monday 4th July, 7:30pm – Take 5, Norwich

Wednesday 20th July, 7pm – Leicester Square Theatre, London

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