Hey, hey, so here is the artwork for my new show, How To Be A Leader. It’s by (the very talented, self-evidently) Emma Belka and I think I’m allowed to say it’s amazing, even though that might sound a tad egotistical given that it is a giant idealised picture of me. You’re a giant idealised picture of me. You’re not really. Don’t worry.

If you click on it you can view a higher-res version, and check out some of the brilliant details – can you spot Ryu? Anyway, I have previews lined up for London and Norwich, then in August I’m taking it up to Edinburgh for the whole month. I’m on at the Underbelly at 8:55pm every night. The Fringe programme is now online and you can buy tickets (or find the link to let other folks know about my show, hint hint) here.