In this episode I chat to writer Melissa Harrison about becoming a writer, the pressures of writing, and the process of bringing the past and the natural world to life.

We chat about her new novel ALL AMONG THE BARLEY, how she struggled to admit to herself that she wanted to write, research, farming, fascism, and why we write when, at times, it can be difficult and painful.

This is a great episode to listen to if you want to know:
– how should I research my novel?
– should I keep writing if I’m not enjoying myself?
– how can I find the story amongst the scenes in my head?

If you enjoyed this chat and want more, please support Melissa Harrison by grabbing a copy of her latest novel, ALL AMONG THE BARLEY.

Here’s her Costa-shortlisted novel AT HAWTHORN TIME.

And her first, CLAY.

I really appreciate it when you support authors who give their time to come on the show. Thank you.

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