This episode I chat to debut Fantasy novelist Micah Yongo about his novel of warring assassins and clashing ideologies, LOST GODS.

We get into everything, from working with an editor to researching crossbow physics, to how you go from big ideas and sprawling, complex imaginary worlds down to a story, and the character who’s going to propel you through it. Micah also talks about what it’s like to be published for the first time, building a writing routine, and representation in SFF and beyond.

This is a great episode to listen to if you want to know:
– how can I turn my ideas for a setting into a story?
– what’s the best sort of character for a Fantasy story?
– how can I research my Fantasy world when it doesn’t exist?
– what it like working with an editor?
– who has the right to write what stories?

I know you are awesome and I can rely on you to treat yourself and support Micah Yongo by ordering LOST GODS right now – do it, it’s ace!

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