Death Of 1000 Cuts – S3E46 – The Psychology of Writing – Pt 1 Stress This episode is the first in a short series about the psychology of writing. What stories do we tell ourselves when we tell stories? How can we write more, write better. and be a little bit happier when we do … Read more

This is a live episode from Latitude festival, with me chatting to author Kerry Hudson. I chat with Kerry Hudson about her memoir LOWBORN, about class and growing up in poverty, and her novels THIRST and TONY HOGAN BOUGHT ME AN ICE CREAM FLOAT BEFORE HE STOLE MY MA. She talks about how she came … Read more

6 Podcasts About The Science Of Writing Here are 6 podcast episodes about the science of writing. My writing podcast, Death Of 1000 Cuts, mostly features my chatting with fiction authors, and looking at listeners’ first pages. But sometimes I chat with psychologists and scientists, to delve into the mysteries of writing and creativity. You’ll … Read more

Today I chat with Martin Lotze, neuroscientist at the University of Greifswald, about his research into the brains of writers. Martin has researched how the minds of writers and non-writers operate, using fMRI scans to observe which areas of the brain are activated during the writing process. His fascinating work demonstrates that wholly different parts … Read more

Today’s episode is in response to a couple of comments I encountered this week, about writing, and the kind of attitudes ‘proper’ authors should have. I felt a bit uncomfortable with both statements, so I’ve recorded a little talk where I dig into my feelings a little. It’s just another data point but I hope … Read more

On this episode I chat with author Nick Harkaway about accelerating futures, detective stories and the meaning of life. Nick Harkaway is the author of several novels, most recently GNOMON, set in a near-future Britain where everything is recorded, monitored and shared. In this wide-ranging chat we cover everything from writing from multiple viewpoints, to … Read more

This episode is an unscripted, unedited talk from me about creative writing and fiction and motivation. So I decided to record this one evening a few days ago, to get out a few things about writing, and keeping going with your writing, that had been on my mind. (I’m aware that the language I use … Read more

This episode’s chat is with author Chris McCrudden, talking geeky comedy, stories, and the hard numbers of book sales. In this wide-ranging chat recorded back in January, Chris talks Greek myth, the perils of satire, his winding road to publication, finding time to write and why writing tips bring him out in hives. We discuss … Read more

In this episode I chat with New York Times Bestselling Author VE Schwab about magic, moving between worlds and some surprising revelations about pain. We chat about her early work, the very first book she got published, the perils of the ‘sophomore slump’, rediscovering joy and autonomy in novel writing, and exploring aspects of your … Read more

In this episode I chat with author Gareth Hanrahan about his Fantasy debut THE GUTTER PRAYER. We geek out about tabletop roleplaying, and the lessons he’s learned from making stories up on the spot. He talks through his process for creating worlds and cool stuff within them, and the challenge of writing stories with no … Read more

This episode I chat with author Jess Kidd about death, genre and being haunted by the past. Jess Kidd is the author of HIMSELF, THE HOARDER and most recently, THINGS IN JARS. We talk through her process for writing her novels, and what she’s learned along the way. This is a great episode to listen … Read more

On today’s episode I chat to Millie Seaward, publicist for Little, Brown, about the art of getting books to readers. She answers questions like: – what kinds of books are easiest to sell? – what types of books get most reviews? – what makes a book an ‘event’? – what’s a blog tour and is … Read more

Today I take a look at a listener’s first page and suggest ways to make it better. It’s an old school Death Of 1000 Cuts ‘In The Barber’s Chair’ episode. Hurrah! I chat a bit about exposition, writing convincing dialogue, world-building in Fantasy and Science Fiction, and centring your protagonist’s conflicts. Lots of meat and … Read more

This is the first episode of Death Of 1000 Cuts, Season 3, the podcast for writers. It’s all about creative writing, and stories, and how to write more, better, and be happier as you do. In this episode I preview what I’ve got planned for the new season of the podcast this year, and share … Read more

In this episode I chat to researcher, neuroscientist and psychologist Paul J Zak about the power of narrative and what goes on in our brains when we get lost in a great story. We chat about his research into oxytocin and how it affects our decisions, how the brain responds to stories versus events happening … Read more

Today I chat to writer and performer Molly Naylor, about the basics of what makes a story work, vulnerability, and constructing a career in the Arts. Molly co-wrote the Sky comedy drama After Hours, has brought several solo shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, is a poet, playwright and runs the night True Stories Live in … Read more

This episode I chat to Australian Fantasy novelist Garth Nix. His career spans over two decades and he’s sold more than 5 million books around the world. We chat about how he got started, his love of libraries and Dungeons & Dragons, Tolkien, his time working in publishing, his breakout novel Sabriel and how he … Read more

Buy THE HONOURS: Pre-order THE ICE HOUSE: This week the podcast is dedicated to exploring my first novel, THE HONOURS. Today’s episode is an unscripted chat about writing the sequel, THE ICE HOUSE. Where it came from, things I love, what matters to me as a writer. That kind of business. Also, a final impassioned … Read more

Buy THE HONOURS: Pre-order THE ICE HOUSE: This week the podcast is dedicated to exploring my first novel, THE HONOURS. Today’s episode dives into the research I did so I could write about 1930s England and the gun-obsessed protagonist, Delphine. I talk as honestly as I can about how I used research as a displacement … Read more

Hello dear friends. Just posting a little update. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I’ve had such enormous fun making the podcast this year, but it’s been a tough year financially, and I’ve only just scraped by. The only reason I’ve been able to do that is because of listeners’ help. I’m … Read more

In this episode I chat to author R F Kuang about her debut novel THE POPPY WAR. We chat Fantasy, grimdark, character arcs, representation of marginalised people, Shonen Manga, maintaining a positive attitude towards your work and writing great fight scenes. You get grab a copy of THE POPPY WAR here:…08239800#oid=1908_1 Here’s NK Jemisin’s … Read more

This episode is all about how readers can best help authors they love. Where and when should you buy their books? What’s the best way of sharing praise? What can you do to boost authors you want to see more of? And is it possible to do all of this while getting big benefits for … Read more

This is the Death Of 1000 Cuts Pitch Rush Special episode. 55 authors, 55 novels looking for agents and editors. I read out a rapid-fire showcase of 100-word synopses and extracts. This is a great episode to listen to if you’re trying to figure out how to pitch your novel, how to write a synopsis, … Read more

In this episode I chat to author R O Kwon about her novel THE INCENDIARIES. We talk about the pain of losing her faith and how her yearning for God lit the fuse that would become THE INCENDIARIES, a story about characters pulled into a religious terrorist sect. We talk about the 10 years the … Read more

Planning on doing NaNoWriMo? Don’t. It’s a bad idea, and in this episode, I explain why. I also chat about ways you can get yourself writing more, while loving it. This is a writing ramble episode, which is one of my completely unscripted talks with just me, you and the mic. A few people said … Read more