This episode’s chat is with author Chris McCrudden, talking geeky comedy, stories, and the hard numbers of book sales.

In this wide-ranging chat recorded back in January, Chris talks Greek myth, the perils of satire, his winding road to publication, finding time to write and why writing tips bring him out in hives. We discuss his comedy SF novel BATTLESTAR SUBURBIA and its bracing mix of humour and barbed political comedy. He also drops some serious data about the top 100 bestselling books in the UK last year, breaking them down by author and genre to reveal what books are on the up, and those which remain perilously tricky to sell.

This is a great chat to listen to if you want to know:
– how can I find time to write my novel?
– should I quit my day job?
– why do so many people want to become authors?
– what books are people in the UK buying?
– what genres are doing best right now?
– how can I support change and progress in the publishing industry?

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