Create your own user feedback survey

Hey friend. I really want to get to know you. If you listen to Death Of 1000 Cuts, you would be making a big and valuable contribution by filling in this 5 minute (literally 5 minutes – it’s 10 questions) survey about what things you’d like me to do to make the podcast as useful and entertaining and as awesome for you as possible. Let me know your thoughts! I care about what you think, and a foundational principle of this whole silly enterprise is embracing and benefiting from constructive feedback. But I can’t get a feel for what you want unless you make your voice heard.

There are no prizes for filling in the survey, except a better podcast that more meets your needs, for free. If you’ve listened to at least one episode of Death Of 1000 Cuts or the Couch to 80k Writing Boot Camp then you are exactly the person I need to hear from. Thank you in advance.