Today we’re starting the Death Of 1000 Cuts Couch to 80k writing course. If NaNoWriMo seems a bit much for you, this is an 8 week boot camp for getting prepped to write a novel, with only 10 minutes a day. Each day I’ll give you a little exercise to do, and talk a bit about why we’re doing it and how it can help you prepare for writing an entire book. They’ll all be available to download so you don’t have to start now (though you could!) and you can do them on your commute to work, in bed at the end of the day… my goodness, you could even take a notepad and do them in the bath.

(here’s the episode where I explain in more detail what the course is all about; there’s also a whole previous season of Death Of 1000 Cuts, with lots of editing advice, if you’re interested)

I hope you enjoy what I’m putting together. I’m finding it very helpful to put all my years of fiction writing workshops and toil at the writing desk into something practical, to balance out all the ‘this is what you’re doing wrong’ parts of Death Of 1000 Cuts. Do get in touch to tell me how you’re getting on or to give some feedback or to ask questions. Just use the ‘Contact Me’ link to the right.

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  1. You don’t have to be ‘added’ to the boot camp! Just… join in! Listen to the first episode then work through the rest that follow daily. If you click the ‘Couch to 80k’ tag you’ll see a list of all the ones currently recorded and out. Hope you have fun!

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