To mark the 100th episode of Death Of 1000 Cuts, my writing advice podcast, I thought I’d record a Q&A, answering listeners’ questions. Here are the questions I answer, in the order I answer them. Thanks very much to everyone who submitted questions!

– How do you know when you’re being original?
– When can you quit the day job? Should you quit the day job?
– How do you balance writing and family life?
– I’d love more tips about writing characters that are consistent and iconic but also growing and complex. ‘How do word people better?’
– What’s the last literary novel you read that you rated highly?
– Do you ever have trouble concentrating on your writing, and if so, what do you do to stay focused and productive?
– What inspired you to write The Honours?
– How do you decide when something is done? A piece of work might never reach the ideal image of it we have in our minds, so at what point then do we stop and send it off?
– How do you know when you should give up on a particular piece of work?
– What boardgame do you enthuse about to other people who love them and what boardgame do you enthuse about to other people who don’t?
– is “secret vampires” your favourite song by the pop group bis?
– Would you advise forcing yourself to finish what you start or trust you’re finishing the important ones?
– I’d love to know your views on research.. are you a thorough mini expert in your subject before you even start? Or do you start then realise you need to research?
– How much did you query before you found an agent?
– Any tips on getting through the big first revision after completing a novel first draft? I find it much harder to summon the enthusiasm to edit than I did to create
– Who is your favourite member of Steps and why?
– When I read books by other authors, what should I be looking for that can help me with my own writing?
– How do you finish stories? As in when do you stop iterating on them?
– Writing right now feels like a completely safe space. Is it harder to feel like that once you’ve been published? What can you do about that?

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