Anxiety and Panic Survey Hey friends. So if you listen to my podcast, Death Of 1000 Cuts, follow me on social media or know me in real life, you’ll probably know that I manage pretty bad anxiety and panic disorders. I’m working on a potential book about my experiences, and about my trying to finally … Read more

When I first went to the doctor with depression, she described it as ‘the worst case I’ve seen in my career’. I could not speak. I could barely move. She convinced me that accepting help – and medication – for my condition was nothing to be ashamed of. Today’s British papers, with typical sensitivity, have … Read more

The most common thing I get asked after gigs is: ‘Are you really that anxious?’ It’s never a hostile enquiry, but I think it gets asked for two very different reasons. My answer is always: ‘Yes, absolutely. Worse, in fact.’ Then comes one of two follow-up questions. Follow-up #1 goes: ‘Really? But you seem so … Read more

Yesterday, I and the rest of the chaps from Aisle16/Homework arrived at Glastonbury. We’re performing on the Cabaret Stage every day, doing poems to mildly confused but generally well-meaning punters. This is my sixth Glastonbury (last year the festival was cancelled because it clashed with my wedding) and I have a whole smorgasbord of feelings … Read more