Oh, hello there. I’ve jumped ship to a brand new shiny website. Yip, yip, ain’t it grand? You can see all the things, y’know, check out where I’ll be doing gigs, read some of my poems if you feel so moved – all the things. It’s also not quite so blue as the last blog, so reading it for more than 60 seconds won’t burn out all those precious rods and cones you need for seeing.

What’s going on in The Independent Republic of Tim-land, you say? Well, I’ve had my first five previews of the new show, DEATH DRIVE, (I like writing it like that, all capitals, like when your gran tries to send a text and it reads as if she’s confusedly yelling into a seashell) – I did four at the Brighton Fringe and it was quite a peculiar experience, let me tell you. I’ve done lots of gigs before, but doing your own show, where people turn up and pay just to see you, feels pretty weird. Especially as normally I’m wheeled out under the banner of ‘poetry’, but here I was presenting myself as ‘comedy’. Not sure how it was for the audiences but for me, it felt like a significant expectation shift. Still, numbers weren’t bad at all and people seemed to enjoy themselves – I even got my first review! A mere 5 Stars from Latest 7 magazine, which suggests I’m doing at least something right.

Aside from that I’ve got a couple of other exciting projects on the go, which I can’t really talk about yet (I know, I’m such a tease) but I daresay I’ll be able to share with you in due course. What I can say is that they are to do with the two main preoccupations of this blog – so it’s nice for me to be able to turn my strange, vulgar little habits into something more constructive.

On top of all that, I’ve got a second show which I’m in the process of writing. I’ll be previewing the first snippet of it here. At the moment, the working title is ‘How To Be A Leader’. I have no idea if it will be rubbish or not. Unfortunately, that is the kind of knowledge that only reveals itself to you live, reflected in the audience’s miserable – or enraptured – faces. But I am, at least, excited about writing it, and hopefully getting to perform the full thing at various places.

Finally, I’ve still got this novel bouncing around inside my head. I’ve done a bit of research, I’ve got quite a bit more to do, but I’m still really nervous about putting pen to paper. I guess it just feels very colourful and energetic and alive in my imagination, and I’m worried that putting it on the page will make it die like a pinned butterfly. Also, there’s the time issue. But still. I’m writing it here in the hopes that admitting the problem publicly will shame me into action.

Righto. Back to work. ‘Enjoy’ the new site. I have no idea how.