So me and John Osborne recorded a podcast about podcasts called ‘The Podcast Podcast’, which you can listen to here. The first episode is called ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ and it’s about our favourite stories and storytellers on radio and free downloads across the internet.

Unfortunately, neither of us thought to Google the title to check if it already exists. It does. Oops. This will suggest to you something about our crazy-ass fastidious research techniques. Basically we are the absent-minded professors of the literary world, inventing microscopic time-travelling robo-golems with infinite mass while bumbling around looking for the spectacles balanced on our genius-engorged pates. Our ‘Podcast Podcast’ is awesome. But it needs a new name. This, I do not mind, as it gives me an excuse to write a new theme tune. John pointed out at the end of our first broadcast that ‘Podcast’ is considered outdated nomenclature in any case – and a lot of the stuff we cover is, first and foremost, radio, which just happens to be available in free download form.

So I propose the new name should be: ‘Insane Audio Adventure Quest YEAH!’ I’m thinking the theme tune would be a bit like Potsworth & Co, filtered through a vintage Hohner organ. Thoughts?