Apologies for the spotty updates so far this 2010 – I’m hella busy with lots of pseudo-exciting stuff that may or may not come to fruition, and some of that will involve my posting sporadically worthwhile things on this here blog for your perusal. I do enjoy having a meagre platform for my first drafts and half-formed opinions like terrible irradiated embryos hacked from their dead mothers’ swollen bellies.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that last week I went to see the latest solo shows by my dear chums Luke Wright and Ross Sutherland, during their run at the Old Red Lion Theatre (nearest tube Angel), which continues until the end of this month. Luke’s is called The Petty Concerns Of Luke Wright and Ross’s is called The Three Stigmata Of Pac-Man.

Obviously I’m not a very credible advocate of their work, because, as I’ve made clear, they’re good mates of mine. HOWEVER, if I’d thought the shows were crap I simply wouldn’t have mentioned them. I actually reckon that they’re brilliant. You should go and watch them and see two experienced young poets operating at the height of their powers. They’ve had several splendid reviews, and a bit in The Independent, and, you know, if you’re in London you should do something different and interesting with one of your weeknights and take a friend along who’s never seen performance poetry before. The shows are funny and witty and not so long you’ll get bumache, and you’ll have a new thing to have an opinion about and you’ll feel all cultured and arty when you talk to friends for the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, look, you can make your own mind up by watching these clips from their shows. I hope you enjoy: