This episode is a chat with author Mark Stay. He’s an indie author, he’s worked in traditional publishing, he’s co-authored a novel and a screenplay, and he’s crowd-funded a novel. Not only that, but he’s a presenter of the podcast for writers, THE BESTSELLER EXPERIMENT.

This is a great episode to listen to if you want to know:
– what are my options for getting my book published?
– how can I promote my work?
– what are the secrets of writing a bestseller?

Hope you enjoy it.

Here’s Mark Stay’s website, with a link to his new novel, THE END OF MAGIC, which you can – and should – back on Unbound.

Here’s Mark’s novel, BACK TO REALITY, which he co-wrote with Mark Oliver.

You can check out Mark’s fantastic podcast THE BESTSELLER EXPERIMENT here.

Here’s the Ben Aaronovitch episode we talk about.

Oh go on, then – here’s my novel, THE HONOURS.

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