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Untitled (by Caleb)

The final notes of “Born In the USA” faded into silence at the perfect moment, just as I pulled my battered silver car up to the security checkpoint. The sun had just risen over the horizon. That’s a good sign, I thought as I rolled my window down. Maybe today won’t suck after all.

“Hey there, Theodore,” the guard on duty greeted me. “Have a good weekend?”

Too embarrassed to admit I could never remember his name, I did my best to make the conversation brief. “Sure, pretty good.” He didn’t raise the gate, so I endeavoured to be polite. “So…how’s it going with you?”

“Same as yesterday,” he said with a wry smile, “and the day before that, and the day before that.”

“Not much excitement, huh?” I said, tapping a finger on the steering wheel.

“That’s it, Theo! Can I call you ‘Theo’? I’m gonna call you ‘Theo’. See, when I transferred over here, they acted like it was a big deal, like I was climbing the ranks.” He chuckled and shook his head, “But look at me; stuck in a tiny little shack out here in the middle of nowhere. Most likely the only one stupid enough to accept the job.”

I cleared my throat, “Well-“

“And who am I guarding?” He continued. “Bigwig politicians? World famous rock and rollers? Nope, just a bunch of kids.”

“Yeah, but-“

“Kids, Theo.”

I waited, but the rant had concluded. He pushed a button and the gate began rising up. I was about to floor the accelerator, but before I did, I leaned out the window. The guard shot me a questioning look.

“They’re not just any kids,” I reminded him.