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Untitled (by Rebecca)

‘That it, now I know you’re not listening. You should go to bed.’

She wiggled her toes by his head. ‘See. Fully awake.’

Andrew sighed and smiled and sat up. His twin’s hands were under her ears, eyes closed as she stretched out, head resting by the foot of his bed. Her brown hair fanned out across her arms and down the side of the bed and a few dark malted strands floated briefly as she yawned like a lion. They’ve been talking for the last two hours, and though he was irritated that he was going to be late for the grand opening in the city, he didn’t mind too much. She was one of the only people he truly wanted to give the time of day.

‘What did I just say then?’

‘You said…you said…you said.’ The last one was emphatic, like she was standing on the very edge of an epiphany. ‘You said…’ she said drowsily again.


‘You said that… you were having trouble with your girlfriend, Hannah. See,’ she said in a tired, triumphant way, ‘I was listening.’

‘Her name is Helen, and she’s a perfect goddess. Pay attention.’

‘That’s what you said about Witney. And Jolene. And Amee, Catherina, Vivian and Sam. Maybe,’ she yawned again, ‘maybe, you should flined-’


‘Find,’ she restated, ‘a girl who isn’t perfect. You know, mix it up. Perfect’s boring.’

‘And who the hell ever said that?’


‘Well that’s what all the perfect people say.’