This one’s going up slightly early because I recorded a bunch in anticipation of an impending cold which has now hit me like a frying pan to the chops. Bleugh!

But look – we’re halfway through. Half-flipping-way! Can you tell I’m excited? Already there are 4 weeks of daily, gradually escalating exercises to take someone from wherever they are – whether a complete first-timer or a professional who’s just feeling a bit disillusioned – back to that exciting place of optimism, possibility and productiveness, all grounded in robust compositional theory and practical examples. It’s a free resource for whoever wants to make use of it, without all the usual income and time barriers associated with creative writing courses. It draws on my years of experience teaching creative writing at every level, from 6-year-olds right up to PhD groups.

I know it’s rather crass to praise my own work, so I’ll shush now. I’m just happy with how it’s going and enjoying putting it together. If you’d like some way to show your support, then buying a copy or two of my novel The Honours for you and as gifts for friends and family would make a huge difference – I’m a professional author, writing is how I make a living, when you buy my book that’s money in my pocket and you allow me to continue. Non-monetary support is just about listening to the podcast, subscribing to it on iTunes and leaving reviews, sharing it on blogs and social media, and getting in touch to let me know if you’re enjoying it.

Anyhow, I’m going to recline in a darkened room until this gross snot-curse passes. I hope you’re well, and thanks for joining in.