Since I may be without internet access for a few days, I thought I’d go ahead and post another continue screen. This is one of my my favourites, winning the coveted ‘Most Shamelessly Manipulative Arcade Game’ award. What makes it worse is that Toki is one of the hardest platformers ever created. You’ve got a huge, cumbersome, one-hit-kill sprite surrounded by scores of fast-moving, projectile-launching enemies and lots of super-cheap traps that will nail the unwary. Actually, they’ll nail the wary too – this is a game where memory and repetition outweigh skill and reflexes. You pretty much need to learn exact patterns then execute them perfectly to get through. Bleugh.

Also, to add insult to injury, if you do pump sufficient credits into it to reach the final stage, you suddenly find yourself limited to five more continues before it restarts from Stage 1. Apparently your money’s not good enough anymore!

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