After yesterday’s second We Can’t All Be Astronauts comic by Line And A Dot, I just happened to be browsing through some of (MS Paint Adventures creator) Andrew Hussie’s other web comics, when I stumbled across a couple of awesome, deceptively simple single-premise series that made me chortle like the mentally subnormal.

‘Inappropriate Time For Ham’ is exactly what it sounds like – a series of cartoon depictions of times when ham is inappropriate.

And my personal favourite (as if you care, you glib bastards):

The second series is called ‘A Steep Price For Pie’, and… well, you’ll get the idea.

You can see more here. I suppose one of the reasons I like these is that I can imagine the conversation that spawned them. You know, one of those times where you’re chatting in the bar with your mates, and you hit upon a rich comedy seam, and everybody starts riffing off it, and you’re all pissing yourselves laughing. I just get the impression he was sniggering just making these up. And once you’ve got the premise, you can really go to town. It’s like when you come up with a great conceit for a list poem, and you spend the next couple of hours just brainstorming every single iteration of the idea: ‘Right, so in this poem I’ve made a crazy wish, and my mouth is now an anus and my anus is now a gun? What would be the hilarious consequences of that?’ I’m now busily imagining comics in which not everyone gets to be an astronaut. I daresay I’ll put my infantile drawing abilities into practice sooner or later, and commit some to this here blog. Just you wait.

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