The shrewder amongst you may have discerned that this blog, far from being a innocently whimsical aggregation of my daily musings, is in fact a massive shill for my forthcoming non-fiction debut, We Can’t All Be Astronauts – which comes out on June 4, and you can preorder now (at a substantial discount). If you’re thinking of getting the book when it’s released, preordering it would help me out. Preorders confuse my publisher into believing that there’s a colossal groundswell of anticipation amongst the reading public. Although frankly, if you’re thinking of reading it all, you’re already my best friend, in which case I can only weep with reverence and hope you enjoy it.

When people ask me what the book’s about, I struggle a bit. Do I give a mini-synopsis? Do I go for the elevator pitch? Do I talk about themes? Do I turn one of the sections into an anecdote? What is it about, exactly?

It’s at times like this you need someone with a little distance from the project to step in. Fortunately, the interdisciplinary sorceress Line and a Dot has thrust the book into the crucible of her creative mind, burning away all the ancillary prattle until only its purest essence remains. This comic sums up what I suppose you’d call the ‘soul’ of We Can’t All Be Astronauts far better than any amount of my discursive verbiage could ever hope to. Click on the image for a bigger pic.

Oh, and by the way, you should listen to Line and a Dot’s songs. I’ve been a fan for years. You’re late to the party.