So you remember I said I’d sometimes use Friday’s Cone O’ Tragedy blogs for introducing you to awesome new stuff? Okay, so you definitely don’t, but still. I said that. And now I’m about to make good on that idle offer in the most spectacular of ways.

My wife is so cool. You’d like her, you really would.

Anyway, she is in a new band. They are called Mega Emotion. They have just put out their first demo, which you can listen to on the video above, and download via the Bandcamp link. The video is by my fellow Homework resident, live literature supremo and mad professor Ross Sutherland. He’s done such a good job!

The video is great and the song is great. But I am not a credible advocate for the song’s quality, you guys. She’s my wife. Of course I’m going to say it’s good! Fortunately, the video is right there for you to watch and assess yourself. Do so. You will see that I have respected my wife while not breaching the bond of trust between myself and my readers. And now you can totally get in on the ground floor with a cool new band and like them before anyone else.

The song is called BRAINS. There is a Mega Emotion website, a Mega Emotion Facebook page that you can show your appreciation of them by clicking on and liking, a Mega Emotion Soundcloud account where, no doubt, sneak peeks of fresh material will emerge, and a Mega Emotion Twitter account, which you must follow immediately. So they’ve got their promotional apparatus down.

If you enjoy the video, please share it with your friends. You will be spreading happiness, and you will make my wife beam with delight, which never fails to make me happy.