The Ice House by Tim Clare

THE ICE HOUSE, my new novel, is now available to buy. The hardback was published in May 2019 – by clicking on the link you can grab a copy with free shipping worldwide. You can also buy from indie bookstore Mr B’s Emporium, or Forbidden Planet, even Amazon.

I talked about how important sales are for authors in this post about how readers can become superfans. They make a huge difference to a book’s life and an author’s career.

But what’s it about? So glad you asked my friend. Here’s the spiel:

Delphine Venner is old, but she remembers everything.

She remembers the war, and terrifying creatures from another world. She remembers the gateway, and those she lost.

And in that other world, beast-filled and brutal, someone waits for her. Hagar, a centuries-old assassin, daily paying a terrible price for her unending youth, is planning one final death: that of her master, the Grand-Duc. A death that will cost her everything. A death which requires Delphine.

Voyaging into this violence and chaos, Delphine must remember who she really is and be ready to fight for love, her life, and the survival of both worlds. It’s been a lifetime since the war ended. She thought her fighting days were over. But now she knows.

War doesn’t end. It sleeps.

“Told in rich, allusive prose, The Ice House is a leisurely meditation on good and evil – Lovecraft done with the eye and sensitivity of a poet” (Guardian)

“A strangely beautiful, beautifully strange fantasy” (SFX)

“The Ice House is a fantasy tale that shines with originality . . . A spellbinding read” (The Skinny)

“To say Tim Clare has a way with words is a bit of an understatement. Besides building Delphine’s wonderfully immersive world and setting her on an irresistible adventure, Tim’s writing is full of poetic pleasure. A joy to read, fast and closely, for the story and for the mastery in it” (Jess Kidd, author of HIMSELF)

“Tim Clare is a hell of a writer” (Gareth L. Powell, author of THE EMBERS OF WAR SERIES)

Praise for THE HONOURS:

‘Superb… gorgeously entertaining’ – Guardian

‘A rich, gripping delight’ – Matt Haig

‘Irresistible’ – Huffington Post

‘Riotously entertaining… delightfully twisted’ – Sunday Express

‘Darkly compelling’ – Financial Times

The Honours by Tim Clare

If you want more in Delphine’s world, may I recommend the prequel to THE ICE HOUSE, my novel THE HONOURS? Click the link to grab a copy and immerse yourself in the world of 13-year-old Delphine Venner, an isolated country house and the 1935 secret society who meet there.

And if you’d like to hear my chatting on my weekly podcast about the writing process, DEATH OF 1000 CUTS, click here to listen.