“POOP POOP” or “Obsession: Being A Modest Introduction To Tabletop Games For People Who Hate Tabletop Games” I get it. Believe me, I do – the specific and prolonged agony of finding yourself press-ganged into a games night you didn’t want to be part of. Come on, it’ll be fun. Let’s play- and from that … Read more

For years I’ve harboured ambitions of becoming one of those old men in the park, playing chess on a stone table, or maybe draughts, or sitting beside the log fire in a pub, playing backgammon. I find human existence and the constant encroaching sensation of riding the knife edge of history through space as entropy … Read more

In this episode I chat to tabletop game designer Grant Howitt about creating stories out of thin air. We talk about the magic of gathering together to make stories with friends, how characters flow out of the simplest backstories, and ways in which you can use the techniques of roleplaying and improv to get over … Read more