Today is the first day since the start of the month that I haven’t had to perform at least one show. Over the last 23 days I’ve done more than 40 shows – 22 performances of my solo show, Be Kind To Yourself, 11 performances of my show with MC Mixy and Mark Grist, Grave … Read more

The most common thing I get asked after gigs is: ‘Are you really that anxious?’ It’s never a hostile enquiry, but I think it gets asked for two very different reasons. My answer is always: ‘Yes, absolutely. Worse, in fact.’ Then comes one of two follow-up questions. Follow-up #1 goes: ‘Really? But you seem so … Read more

Hello noble friends, and welcome to Death Of 1000 Cuts – making you an awesome writer, one cut at a time. Every week we take the first page of a novice author’s novel or short story, and look at ways of making it better. If you’d like to know more, or you’d like to submit … Read more