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  1. Hi Tim
    I sludged into the poetry tent cos I knew I could take my wellies off and sit on some dry
    I even lay down knowing poets wouldn’t reprimand me for being too laid back
    also poets are just glad of an audience, it doesn’t matter if they are lying down
    anyway, I soon sat up when you came on on Saturday
    so I just want to say thank you for your super set, you were one of the highlights of my Glastonbury
    my brain was tingling by the end
    I can’t shake off the line “lets make out till my fingers smell of spratts in brine”
    Ho, those were the days
    I’ll look forward to seeing you again somewhere

  2. Hello Tim,
    I was one of the contestants at the poetry rivals evening. I really enjoyed your performance and can see that I’m going to have to raise my game…. Do you ever come to Wales? I ask because I live in Brecon and am involved with organising poetry at Brecon Fringe Festival (which coincides with Brecon Jazz festival.)
    Anyway – Rock on Huw

  3. HI! You are absolutly the most hillarious person I’ve ever seen perform!
    I want you to perform at my birthday, wedding and funeral 🙂
    Well done for being so funny and I’ll be sure to turn up at one of your shows coming up 😀
    Love Erin

  4. Tim you’re clearly a good guy but be careful and I’d say as long as your intentions behind what you joke about are good you should be ok.
    Personally wouldn’t recommend the comedy route even tho you are funny, and any really painful stuff should be dealt with in private (hard but more do-able).
    And don’t do any friv on twitter – it’s a little self promoting..

    Lots of love


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