Hiya chuck. Here’s two videos of me playing uke live, one at Sundown’s Union Chapel gig (which was freezing) and one at The League Of Extraordinary Poets at the Silver Bullet (which was clement):

Tim Clare performing at The League of Extraordinary Poets from Ants in my Pants on Vimeo.

I’m going to try to lay down some decent recordings of all my uke stuff and maybe one or two other bonus tracks (like poems and/or keyboard/electronicy stuff) and put it out as an album, so all those people going ‘where can I find a copy of Mr Silly Bum? I’ve been singing it so much I’ve made myself physically ill’ can finally find some respite. Maybe I’ll add a clinical, super-cool dance track. Maybe I will spit some of the most ill-mannered bars known to science over chronically obese beats. Maybe I’ll mix various samples of fart noises into a Phil Spector-esque wall of sound and scream bigoted obscenities over the top. Who knows? Who cares? Well, my Mum cares. So get stuffed with sage and onion Paxo you big pranny.