I’ve put two new songs up on my Myspace page, which you can listen to if you want – ‘Think Of England’ and ‘The Other Shoe’. Just click here. I’m afraid the recording quality is a bit scrappy (although better than my previous efforts), and it’s clear at several key points that my reach exceeds my grasp vocals-wise, but if you can grimace and bear it through the caterwauling then why not check them out and let me know what you think.

I’m pretty pleased with the lyrics I came up with for ‘Think Of England’ – it’s one of the few pieces I’ve written where it ended up coming out exactly how I’d conceived it, without sort of morphing or collapsing on the journey – but I always feel slightly fraudulent writing songs. I suppose I’ve come to terms with calling myself a ‘poet’, an ‘author’ and a ‘writer’, but ‘musician’ still sounds like a ridiculous leap, despite the fact I play songs to live audiences pretty much every week. Hopefully the live aspect keeps my feet on the ground a bit. I like to think that if every crowd I played to gradually lost the will to live each time I performed a uke song, I’d notice and phase them out of my set (the songs, not the crowd)… unless, of course, I’m so dazzling and charismatic that all concerns over quality of material get overridden, and what looks like positive feedback is just them all gazing, enraptured, at my massive visage.

So yeah, basically what I’m saying is I’ve done some stuff even I’m ambivalent about, yet I’ve chosen to display it to the world anyway. Oversharing, eh? It’s the modern disease, I suppose.