Hey there my dear, loyal friends. So if you read this blog you probably know that I’m off on a pilgrimage round dead poets’ graves for the next fortnight. The link there takes you to our tour route, including shows we’re doing along the way. Do tweet or email us if you fancy us making a stop in your workplace or school or home or wherever – we still have a little space for the odd quick lunchtime or afternoon gig.

We’ll write a few blog posts to keep you updated as we travel, maybe with photos or even videos, depending on internet access/knackeredness levels. I’d rather underpromise than underdeliver on this front – I know the best-laid plans go to waste once you’re out there pounding through the live performances, and our first priority will just be to get through it alive and do the best shows we can while we do, while keeping our fingers crossed that someone turns up! If we get ourselves organised we’ll collect all our posts in one place, and I’ll edit this bit to include a link.

Anyway, what I wanted to say was that, for the next two weeks, I’m collapsing the usual post schedule. I half-planned to write all the posts in advance and keep it ticking over, but I think that’s a waste – unless I promote them properly they tend to get overlooked, and I’d rather take a break than rush them and put out 10 crappy posts. I’ll post updates about what we’ve been getting up to on this blog, as well as on the group blog, so it won’t be totally shutdown, just, y’know… different.

Hopefully we can all return refreshed after the break and you will see the old favourites through new eyes. In the interim, may I suggest you have a look back through the archive, via the fascinating tag cloud on the right? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must set off to hunt the dead…