So the talented Wasi Daniju came to my show a few days ago and took some great snaps of my frothing and contorting in the name of art. If you haven’t seen Tim Clare’s Death Drive yet and wonder what on earth goes on in that stuffy oblong room, these images should give you a bit of a clue about what I get up to. The show continues at Zoo Roxy, 7pm, every day until the end of the festival. Word seems to be getting around a bit now – my audiences are growing and growing and I really enjoy doing the show. My tech at the Zoo is one of the nicest, most charming, sanguine motherfuckers I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet, and I think my flierers may be ninja wizards. I was flagging a bit in today’s show, mainly because my breakfast was an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Naughty Tim. Turns out if you binge like a jilted Cookie Monster, it seriously hampers your ability to prance.

In any case, I’m having a splendid time at the Fringe. MusicOMH gave it 4 stars calling it ‘deliciously, darkly funny… An hour in his company simply zips by and many I suspect would have been happy to stay longer, to hear more.’ Effing sweet!