After several years blogging hiatus, I’m ready to come in from the cold. I miss it, you guys. Twitter’s okay for the occasional cathartic brainfart, but I want something a little more substantial. Still idiotic as hell, but idiotic in a meaty, resonant way.

So I’m back. And here’s how it’s going to go down. Exceptional circumstances notwithstanding, from now on, for the next year, I’m going to be blogging five days a week. I know, your heart’s sinking already. He won’t keep it up, you’re thinking. This is the cyber equivalent of getting an expensive gym membership. Actually, more likely you’re thinking: why? Literally nobody has asked you to do this, Tim.

Well, because I want to. It’s an excuse to generate more material and rattle on about some subjects I care about and basically keep my writing muscles limber. Here’s the schedule:

MONDAY will be Tim News Day. These posts will be where I let you know what projects I’ve got cooking, what gigs I’ve got coming up – a chance for me to plug stuff and grouse, basically. If you want to make sure you know when I’m next in your neck of the woods, you should sign up for my monthly newsletter. I’ll send a maximum of 1 email a month, and it really helps me get the word out to my pals. I’ll even chuck in free exclusive poems, mp3s, and random prizes for my subscribers, so please sign up. It’s a great way to support what I do.

TUESDAY is video games day. I’m going to be running a weekly gaming blog called Welcome To The Fantasy Zone, focusing mostly on retro games but covering all aspects of gaming. If you’ve got any suggestions for games or subjects to be featured, let me know. I’ll try to fill out posts with screenshots and video, etc, and make them a fun little safari through gaming for both veterans and newcomers alike. A lot of you might not realise my background in gaming – this will be an opportunity for me to talk about it a bit.

WEDNESDAY will be Poem o’ the Week. Those of you who have read my 4 years of 100 Poems In A Day or have come to my mobile poetry emporium, The Poetry Takeaway, know I can shit em out like a belt-fed mortar. I’ll be writing about whatever comes to mind, but I’m very much open to requests. Drop me a line using the ‘Contact Me’ link on the right, let me know what you’d like a poem about, and I’ll do my best to oblige.

THURSDAY will be creative writing day. I’ve been editing manuscripts for the best part of a decade now. I teach creative writing to all ages, I’m a published, award-winning author. I write almost everyday. Guess what? I have some things to get off my chest. Death Of 1000 Cuts will bring you one acerbic writing tip a week, helping you to make whatever you’re working on a little bit less crappy. From big principles to small, concrete edits, we’re all going to become better writers, one cut at a time. Want more? Read my book on writing, the publishing dream and bitter disappointment, We Can’t All Be Astronauts, available here.

FRIDAY will be random rants, reviews of awesome stuff by other people, links to things I think you’ll like… a grab-bag, basically, for bits that don’t fit under the other four slots. I’ll be calling Friday’s blog Tim Clare’s Cone O’ Tragedy, because that was the name of my old blog, and I like the name, frankly.

You’ll be able to navigate through posts of different varieties using the tag cloud on the right or the date list on the left. I realise there is something to alienate everyone here – I’m anticipating that most people will drop in once a week for the bit that interests them, and swerve to avoid the rest. Fans of poetry, video games and copyediting occupy a pinprick at the centre of the Venn, after all. But those guys are going to lose their SHIT. Seriously they will have the greatest time.

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