Sunrise In The Corpse Garden We have named them after fungi: the blusher, destroying angel, the sickener, penny bun. I take a swatch of glottal tissue from penny bun’s throat and suspend it in alcohol; sun strikes the bottle; flakes of skin turn black as gold. Stinking irises unjaw at the first fingers of dawn. … Read more

So every Wednesday I post a new poem. It might be something I’m working on, it might be a warm-up piece, or it might be a commission based on something you’ve requested. If you’d like to suggest a title or you’ve got a subject you’d like me to have a crack at, chuck your suggestions … Read more

I write poems. For the past four years I’ve done a project called 100 Poems In A Day, where I write 100 poems in a single day, taking title suggestions from people and posting the poems online as I write them. I also created a thing called the Poetry Takeaway (with a lot of help … Read more