So, the 100 Poems In A Day Project has an official blog! Also, an official kickoff time. 9am, this Thursday. Aww crap. I’m actually going to have to do it now.

Will you join me? You know, if anyone has ideas for poem titles on the day itself, do suggest them, and I guess I’ll work a few into this big, silly quest. If you fancy writing along with me, please do. Between us, I hope we’ll write a whole bunch of not-terribly-good poems, and thoroughly grease up our creative cogworks in the process. Hopefully before I start I’ll find time to blog a few tips on how to approach writing a poem in ten minutes or less. I’ve got to give a little time over to planning out my strategy, elseways the ton may get the better of me.

You’ll be able to follow me on Twitter, and read the poems as I write them up on the 100 Poems In A Day Project blog. In the meantime, I’m going to devote myself to a bit of prep work – reading other people’s stuff, and absorbing as much inspiration as I can. Heh heh. It’s going to be fun, I reckon!