Wahey! I’m up in Edinburgh for my first ever Fringe run and having a lovely time. There’s mental amounts of stuff to see and thronging crowds and it all feels dreadfully exciting. You get quite publicity jaded pretty quickly, what with the mass of posters screaming at you from every wall and window, and flierers pitching for your patronage, but it’s also very cool to see so much art and comedy and music competing for such large crowds. I did my first preview to an audience containing several friendly faces, and thoroughly enjoyed myself, hopping about and screaming and gesticulating like a little monkey on elastic.

I went to Late N’ Live last night, the notoriously boozy mixed bill stand-up club that runs 1am-5am. I was expecting a bearpit, but actually the crowd were mainly good natured drunkards. I really enjoyed Australian comedian Sammy J’s musical turns. In-between the songs he bashed out on a keyboard, he had really artfully-constructed, wordy, complex bits delivered with precision and high energy. I bellowed heartily. Nice.

Oh, and I’ve stuck some new vids up on youtube. They’re in my vids section but I’ll post them here too so you don’t have to do too much work to see them: