In this episode I chat with author and creative writing teacher Andrew Cowan about writing fiction, finding details, perfectionism and helping bring others’ stories to life.

Andrew talks switching from pottery to fiction, finding his own voice, ways round perfectionism and self-doubt, and his career in teaching creative writing on residential courses and at the University of East Anglia. He shares some of his favourite creative writing exercises, including ones that helped him break through serious blocks and get the words flowing again. We also talk about the novels he’s written so far, how he’s researched topics from pig-rearing to eugenics, and the authors and mentors who inspired him.

This is a great episode to listen to if you want to know:
– how can I get myself going again after my writing grinds to a halt?
– what are the best ways to research my novel?
– how can I get over perfectionism in my writing?
– what is the best creative writing exercise?
– can creative writing be taught?
– what’s it like going on a creative writing course?
– what’s the most common mistake writers make?

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And I really recommend trying one of his novels.






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